By extending and deepening the aquatory of the operational shore of Hvar port, the conditions for public passenger transport are improved as follows:

  • The existing shore is extended by 45.45 meters towards the promenade and terminates with a head of 20.15 meters.
  • It allows for the reception of vessels with a draft of 4.50 meters along a 140.0-meter stretch of the shoreline or vessels with a draft of 6.50 meters along a 90.0-meter stretch of the shoreline. The relevant ship used for calculating the impact on the coastal wall is the “Marko Polo” type ferry.
  • It ensures a better reception of fast passenger boats, transfer vessels, excursion boats, and other types of boats.
  • It enables the mooring and berthing of 15-20 new larger category vessels.
  • It increases the operational area of Hvar port by approximately 1,200.0 square meters.